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Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is the easiest and most effective way to make money from cryptocurrency mining without buying and maintaining your equipment. It is realized through the lease of the companys equipment facilities. Such companies are called cloud mining providers.
One of the main advantages of this investment type is the ability to start mining with literally two clicks.

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CrypMines Company is an infrastructural DeFi platform which provides products and tools to generate income from digital assets
The mission of CrypMines DeFi Platform is to provide the user with simple, safe, reliable and effective tools for digital assets’ management and to develop its ecosystem around the world.


The structure of Aizenmox DeFi Platform’s products consists of the next services:

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Frequently Q/A

  • ❓ What is cloud mining?

    Cloud mining is rent of mining equipment hash power. In this case, you do not need to buy expensive mining equipment and do not bear any risks associated with its breakdown. You do not incur additional costs for the hosting and maintenance of equipment, as well as for any malfunction. When you buy a cloud mining contract, you pay a fixed amount for the use of devices located in the Aizenmox data center. The main advantage of cloud mining is the quick receipt of BTC to your wallet. You do not need to wait for a pre-order of the mining equipment for more than 6 months and pay for it amounts over $ 10,000.

  • 🔨 How does cryptocurrency mining work?

    Globally, cloud mining of cryptocurrencies is no different from usual. It also uses computer technology (ASIC farms), which calculates new blocks of the crypto network, for which a reward is awarded. The key difference is that each user is not using their own hardware. Instead, he leases the power of a large company whose equipment mines the crypt, and the tenant receives a commission for this. That is, the miner is only required to buy power according to the tariff. The company providing cryptocurrency mining services is responsible for everything itself: purchases equipment, configures all equipment, maintains equipment, pays for electricity. The only thing that remains to be done for an ordinary user is choosing the optimal tariff plan for him.

  • 💥 Why should I start mining with Aizenmox?

    The Aizenmox mining center is located in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia. Residency in it exempts the company from income taxes, VAT, import and export customs duties, as well as from property and real estate taxes. This allows the company to save not only clients funds but also its own. Aizenmox entered into a direct agreement with one of the leading electricity suppliers in Armenia, the Hrazdan TPP for 200 MW of electricity at a preferential price. The equipment comes from the leader in the production of miners Bitmain. These and other benefits make Aizenmox the most efficient cloud mining provider on the market.


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 1 MH/s
  • Service pay: $0.005 / 1 MH/s / 24h
  • Equipment: HashCoins SCRYPT
  • Automatic charging in BTC

for 1 MH/s


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 10 GH/s
  • Service pay: $0.0035 / 10 GH/s / 24h
  • Equipment: HashCoins SHA-256
  • Automatic charging in BTC

for 10 GH/s


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 100 KH/s
  • Service pay: No
  • Equipment: GPU Rigs
  • Automatic charging in ETH

for 100 KH/s


  • Minimal Hashedrate: 1 MH/s
  • Service pay: No
  • Equipment: Multi-Factor
  • Automatic charging in DASH

for 1 MH/s

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Republic of Armenia, Hrazdan, 5/1 Gortsaranayin str.



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